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First, a little background. I have been married for over a dozen years. My “size” is 6 inches, well actually getting close to 6 inches. From what I have read that is in the normal range. On the lower end, but normal. Certainly not real small.

My wife has never complained.

A few weeks ago my wife forwarded to me some spam she received with a one-line message that this would make her very happy, and she put a smiley face at the end.

The email mentioned a couple adult products to buy, including a strap-on or harness, and it said:
“Lock him up so he doesn’t get any pleasure, but let him go all night with a strap-on giving you pleasure over and over.”
There was a product mentioned. As Valentine’s Day approached I decided to take a risk and bought it. This is what I bought (opens in new window).

There are actually two products. The male strap-on dildo harness. It of course needs a dildo, so I bought the one in the picture. This is the strap-on dildo. (the white version.)

This is advertised to be 9 inches long and 2 inches thick. I thought it wouldn’t be that much bigger than I was. Boy was I wrong. When I tested it after receiving the package, it barely fit in the harness. The harness itself, though, was very easy to put on – took only a couple seconds. It is adjustable and fit fine and comfortably.

That Night – Valentine’s Day

I had been kidding around for a few days saying I was getting her a stud for Valentine’s Day. That night, as she was jumping on me she asked where her stud was. Awkwardly, I pushed her to the side and told her I’ll be right back. I then went to the garage where I had stashed my surprise and got dressed (or maybe it is undressed).

She laughed when I came back wearing the harness with this huge dildo sticking out of it.

She said she thought I was actually coming back with another guy who was a stud, who had been hiding in the garage. Honestly, that shook me a little.

Then she casually said that I didn’t get the black one. I was taken aback. The dildos come in peach (for white guys like me), black, and pink (of all colors). I had never thought she would want black. I’m guessing that having a black guy is a fantasy she has never told me about.

I sat on her and she said it wouldn’t fit. But she put up absolutely no resistance when we decided to try it. She didn’t even need for it to be lubricated (I think her genitals were salivating.)

It was dark and I couldn’t feel it, so she guided it in ….

My Big Mistake – Why I (and you) Need Natural Male Enhancement

She didn’t have any problem taking it all in. Then, I had never heard so much moaning in all my life. It was unbelievable.

It is hard to put in words what happened, but I’ll try.

She lost count of how many orgasms she had. I just kept grinding and she kept moaning and shaking.

It was weird. My face was next to hers and I certainly felt like I was having sex, but I wasn’t getting any physical stimulus. What she was getting, though, was unbelievable.

I didn’t keep track of how long we went, but it was much, much longer than I have ever lasted on my own.

Here is the important part – it quickly became apparent that she was loving the size of the dildo. All the moaning, and she said it was really hitting her g-spot.

Personally, I had some mixed emotions. I was happy that she was happy. But, she was too happy. No question – I was now inadequate.

She literally could not get enough. I had never seen her so happy in bed. Never.

She was having a sexual ecstasy she had never had with me.

While I thought it would be good to surprise her and make her happy, I hadn’t expected that she would be so enthralled. At one point she breathed something to the effect of what happens to me if she likes the dildo more? I didn’t answer.

A few minutes later I did say that it was obvious “size does matter.” I have read about this over the years, with women saying it doesn’t matter. Now I have firsthand knowledge that it does matter. No question about it. Her happy face and relentless moaning more than proved that.

She also didn’t disagree and kept moaning.

The Freudian Slip – “Mr. Wonderful”

Later that night, or I suppose it was early morning, she was still buzzing. Actually, she was hyper, and I think my size inadequacy had been obviously exposed.

She said she still wanted me because I was warm and she liked to feel me pulsate and orgasm. She then got on top of me.

Strangely, it took me about a minute to get physically aroused. I think it was because mentally I was in shock.

But finally I got it together. As we were doing it she mentioned that she couldn’t feel me. She also said that in referring to the dildo:
“There was Mr. Wonderful, and then there is you.”
A few minutes later she said that was a Freudian slip and I was Mr. Wonderful. That was nice of her to work on my ego, but the truth had come out.

I said that maybe I needed one of those male enlargment products. She didn’t disagree. I guess the incredible level of physical pleasure she had felt overwhelmed the need to help my deflated ego on this point.

After I was done she was still hyper. Normally, when we are done she turns over and goes to sleep. This time, she was just babbling and wouldn’t stop. She wanted to know what fantasies I had. She was willing to dress up as a nurse. She was willing to do this, and to do that, and on and on. Obviously she felt the need to reciprocate the incredible feeling and joy she had from “Mr. Wonderful.”

She said it was too bad I wasn’t a woman and couldn’t experience what she had just been through with countless orgasms.

But I couldn’t think of anything. The only thing ramming through my mind was that I was obviously inadequate and my wife would never really want anything else except “Mr. Wonderful.”

The next day she remarked that of course she wanted me and needed me – because I had to wear the harness!

She also joked around a couple times that I had to do something or I would always have to wear the harness. My impression was that this is what she really wanted.

The Need For Natural Male Enhancement Pills

Basically, at this point either I’m going to have to wear that harness all the time, or she will find some other guy who is large enough to replace it, or I have to get bigger.

Needless to say, I’m choosing the latter, hopefully before she finds a live stud.

Now that I know size does matter – I have personally seen how something bigger makes a woman, really, really, really happy – and since every guy wants to make their wife or girlfriend happy and satisfied, I’m reviewing different male enhancement products.

I have spent a lot of time on this so I hope this helps you too. Here is my Natural Male Enhancement Pills Review and Comparison Guide

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